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  FARMER JOHN - Precooked Bacon            

One of the first new suppliers added by the NFPC in 1997 was Farmer John of Southern California.  This supplier helped us to dramatically reduce the cost of the product over the previous sole source supplier, not only in product costs, but freight as well.  As this product is high dollar procurement, we saved our NFPC members one million dollars in the first year of the contract. JIB joined us the following year and and took over four million dollars to their bottom line.

intlpaper-logo.gif   INTERNATIONAL PAPER

 International paper was a second alternative supplier added in 1997 This Fortune 500 Company has provided paper bags, cold/hot cups and drink carriers to many QSR chains and brought competition to these items, saving additional dollars for NFPC members.

  VENTURA FOODS - Sauces and dressings

In April 2004 we requested approval from JIB QA to use Ventura Foods for a variety of sauces and dressing to increase competition for these items. In December of 2004 we began testing and subsequently received approval to use them for a variety of products including mayo onion sauce, taco sauce bulk, pepper corn mayo sauce, creamy ranch dressing, marinara cups, teriyaki cups, sweet and sour cups and margarine.

 They were the price leader for these items and still retain most of them, remaining the low price producer. Ventura continues to be a major supplier to the NFPC as well as JIB.  They are a quality supplier receiving awards from the NFPC as supplier of the year 2006. They have attended every conference since 2004 and support the John Lin Memorial Golf Tournament.

  FREUND BAKING - Bakery Buns

In Nov 2004, Sara Lee announced they would no longer supply the Jack restaurants in Northern CA. With this notification we moved along with JIB to Freund Baking Co for direct delivery to our Northern CA members for buns and sourdough bread. In December 2005, we moved to place all of our southern CA Jacks with Freund Baking Co. within a few months JIB moved their requirements to them as well. This has been a true partnership through the years with a superior company. They have attended every conference and also support the John Lin Memorial Golf Tournament.

  MRV MARKETING - Smoothie Base

The chosen sole source supplier for the system introduction of Smoothies was Yo Cream in Portland, Or.  The NFPC’s President was concerned about the high cost of this product and consulted with MRV Dairy Solutions to analyze why the smoothie base was so expensive. It was around $20 a case!! MRV Dairy Solutions broke the product down and discovered that it was mostly water!!! 

Following this we turned to Heritage Foods, our supplier of shake mix, milk and creamers and got them approved to produce the smoothie base for slightly more than $10 a case.  This was a huge savings for our members. JIB followed suit and switched some of their DCs to the Heritage product. It is estimated that more than $5,000,000 was saved annually for the system.  This introduction of a new supplier forced Yo Cream to lower their prices to approach Heritage!

fryfoods-logo.gif FRY FOODS - Onion Rings

In March 2007, we interviewed,  and toured Fry Foods. We were impressed with their capabilities and attitude. The NFPC requested approval from JIB QA to use them as our supplier of onion rings. After testing, we received JIB QA approval to use Fry Foods and contracted with them in September 2007 for the supply of onion rings to our distribution centers in both Northern and Southern CA.  This move was taken to replace the then current onion ring sole supplier for the system, John Lin Foods in Southern CA that had been recently purchased by McCain Foods. McCain wanted to substantially raise prices and we found this to be unacceptable.  McCain offered an alternative, which would require moving our production to Nebraska. We found this to be unacceptable as well, as we would sustain a substantial price increase thru freight.

At the same time, JIB tested another company , Select Onions, which not only did not pass the JIB QA test, but were substantially higher priced than Fry Foods. During the fall of 2007, JIB asked if they too could use Fry Foods as well.  We had no objections and they successfully contracted with Fry Foods in 2007. Since the fall of 2007 Fry Foods has been the sole supplier of onion rings to the entire Jack system.

They have held the delivered cost to our centers at $12.90 and $13.05 for Northern and Southern CA respectively since 2007!!!  This has been a great company for all of the Jacks both in and out of the NFPC  and has been the recipient  of both quarterly and yearly awards from the NFPC.  They have attended every conference since 2008.

In addition, we were able to change the packaging to layer packs rather than the old bulk pack which had problems with breakage and sticking together during frying.

While Fry Foods continues to be a solid supplier, the NFPC, ever vigilant, reviews the industry regularly; making sure that Fry Foods delivers the best quality and pricing.

  DAILYS PREMIUM MEATS - Precooked Bacon

In November of 2007, we requested approval from JIB QA to use John R. Daily Company for precooked bacon/bacon bits for our Northern CA distribution center. This was a move to bring competition to the system as Farmer John/Nasser was the sole supplier of precooked bacon and Armour was the sole supplier of bacon bits.

 Approximately one year later, we received approval to test Daily’s precooked bacon in our Northern CA market. After a successful test, we received full approval in May of 2009 and converted our Northern CA center from Farmer John to Daily’s for precooked bacon. No approval was given for bacon bits as Daily’s could not meet the tight specifications of JIB QA regarding the % of moisture in the product. After JIB QA delisted Farmer John as a supplier of precooked bacon in 2011, we moved to covert both of our distribution centers to Daily’s. JIB followed suit and awarded contracts to Daily’s for their distribution centers as well.

Daily’s is a superior supplier, receiving supplier of the year awards from both the NFPC and JIB for 2011. They have attended every conference and supported the john Lin Memorial golf tournament.

krugerfoods=logo.gif  KRUGER - Dill Sliced Pickles

Prior to the approval of JIB QA and subsequent addition of Kruger Pickle Co., our pickles were produced in Missouri.  Pickles are heavy and the freight was a concern for us and our members as was having only a sole source.  We located Kruger Pickles in Northern California and successfully contracted with them resulting in significant savings for our members.  This also provided competition for this product.

vienna-logo.gif   VIENNA BEEF - Pickle Dill Fillets

This is another item previously sole sourced in Missouri.  We located and received JIB QA approval to use Vienna Beef Pickles for our dill fillets.  Located in Southern California, this move again saved our members considerable costs and freight with a superior product.

casinvendors-logo.gif   POSITIVE CONCEPTS - Thermal Paper

We added this company several years ago to provide thermal cash register paper to our members.  This company located in Southern California proved to be an excellent vendor and we realized considerable savings over the previous supplier.


Located in Southern California, this company came on board several years ago to supply our members with dish washing, power foam and other cleaners used in our restaurants.  They have proved to be an excellent supplier and reduced our costs in this area.

haliburton-logo.gif HALIBURTON - Roasted Corn and Salsa

In 2011 we sought approval from JIB for Haliburton to produce roasted corn and salsa. We felt the current prices were high and both were provided by sole source suppliers. Haliburton was recently approved for the roasted corn. JIB has contracted with Haliburton and on their “Implemented initiatives” JIB documents  savings of $229,000!!!

 We are in the process of testing the salsa with Haliburton and anticipate similar savings.

Our purchasing goal is to have a pool of suppliers from which to solicit bids at every contract renewal. Generating a continuous flow of potential new suppliers has created a competitive environment that has benefited the entire brand. Along the way we have discovered strong supplier partners who earn our business at every contract renewal. This process insures that our members are provided with the best possible quality, value and price available in a competitive marketplace.

Competition Never Raises Prices

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